Thursday, 15 October 2009

Use quotations to make really strong points gently

If you have something controversial to say it is often a good idea to put the words in someone else's mouth. If you want to say that Audi make dull but reliable cars, quote Jeremy Clarkson. You can always follow up your insult with "I don't happen to agree…" but your point has already been made.  Three of my favourite quotes from the large teenager-

“This is a Renault Espace, probably the best of the people carriers. Not that that’s much to shout about. That’s like saying ‘Oh good, I’ve got syphilis, the best of the sexually transmitted diseases!’”
“Koenigsegg are saying that the CCX is more comfortable. More comfortable than what... being stabbed?”
“I’m sorry, but having an Aston Martin DB9 on the drive and not driving it is a bit like having Keira Knightley in your bed and sleeping on the couch. If you’ve got even half a scrotum it’s not going to happen.”
I don't agree with any of these sentiments and find the disease references quite disturbing, but....

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