Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Who should we look up to?

When you're pretty good at something it can be easy to get into a comfortable spot and stay there.  It happens to me about once a week, when I'm sitting there thinking, 'That went rather well.  God I'm good...' and for those 15 seconds of warmth and complacency all is rather nice with the world.

I've painted myself as a bit of a lazy fool here, but to be fair, I don't tend to stay smug for very long.  I'm rational enough to know that the world is full of talented people and that my loyal clients are only loyal to me as long as I continue to do well for them.  Today though, I'm inspired and Stephanine Flanders (pictured) is the reason.

She's the BBC's (British Broadcasting Corporation)  Economics Editor.  I'm 45, male, reasonably well educated and literate, but that's what she did to me.  She made me look at myself, and she made me feel that I could do better.  I suggest that you watch her, wherever you're from, and notice these things about her, or other things if she strikes you differently-
  • She's not trying to be anything she just is- authoritative, concise and confident.
  • There's a truthfulness in her tone and delivery that is about her as a human being.
  • She is a model to watch while talking with projected visuals.
Hear her speak
See her present a piece to camera

I think she's the best the BBC has. I'd be interested to see whether you agree.

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