Thursday, 8 October 2009

Making your presentations relevant to the people in the room

Yes you'll most often be presenting to a group of people, but remember that that group is composed of individuals with their own particular needs, wants and preferences.  Making something relevant to one person is no more complex than for businesses or departments in an organisation.  It just takes a bit of care.

Individuals want to achieve great success and avoid danger, just like businesses.  Understanding that for the key people in the room will make it easier for you to put a compelling message to them . Success for an individual is about-
  • targets
  • recognition
  • reward
  • reputation gain
  • security
  • happiness
  • the avoidance of harm
Always remember that people are driven to avoid pain and achieve success. Releveance comes when the speaker understands this intuitively and applies it consciously to her speech, whatever the subject. There's really no good excuse for a generic presentation, only presenters that don't try to make it relevant to the people in the room.

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