Friday, 16 October 2009

I Love Prezi and here's why you should love it too

I know it's not the thing, but the way you use the thing that's really the most important thing (With me so far?)  But sometimeas a thing comes along that makes you want to dance and sing with joy.  Prezi is that thing.  What is it?

It's just a presentation software package
  • It's very good value
  •  It's a gorgeous organic thingy that allows you to move away from the linear cruelty of PowerPoint and all the other slide based tools.
  • It should become the default tool of the trainer, salesperson, teacher, lecturer and creative for explaining complex ideas in a flexible way for the audience.
If you wanna know more, go here and if you want me to help you learn how to use it- email me at -  for Prezi training and design in UK & Europe.

I'd love to help you love this thing too.

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